50 Best Blogs for Moms with Post-Partum

Post-Partum Depression is a huge problem amongst new mothers. Although having a baby is the best part about many people’s lives, after the baby is born everyone has a different reaction.

Some may be joyous and never experience depression however many do not know what to do with their lives afterwards. Others simply cannot handle the responsibility that having a child entails. As a result, there are many blogs and websites out there looking to help mothers who are suffering from this condition.

1. Beyond Postpartum: A mother who talks about how her moods were affected by PPD and what she did to overcome it. Blogs by different mothers as well and links to other recommended readings.http://www.atlantappdmom.blogspot.com/

2. Life With Postpartum Depression: Stacey talks about a history of depression in her family and how that lead to PPD. She talks about her unique case, how she coped with it, and her advice to young mothers on what they can do to survive the first few months.

3. Well Postpartum Weblog: Cheryl talks about how she had terrible PPD and actually had a psychiatric breakdown at the time. Now she is using her experiences in a good way to help others and ensure the same does not happen to them.

4. PPD Survivor: Kristin suffered from PPD multiple times in giving birth to her four children. She shares her experiences and keeps people updated on how she is doing now.

5. My Roller Coaster Journey Into Motherhood: Christi had a mental breakdown after her home birth went wrong and she had to have a C-section. Gives her warnings to other mothers on how they should be prepared for the worst.

6. The Placenta Blog: Jodi Selander talks about placenta, her knowledge of it and shares her experiences with others who are willing to learn from them.

7. MommyBlogs: MommyBlogs has many blogs from various mothers depending upon the topic of conversation. It seeks to be the ultimate resource for pregnant women and new mothers.http://www.mommytalk.com/mblog

8. Cafe Mom: This is a mental health blog relating to pregnancy and new mothers. Has great insight and excellent tips.

9. The Mom Blogs: Pregnancy, baby health and depression are talked about in the various posts on this website. http://www.themomblogs.com/

10. Pampered, Preggers, and Beyond: Four women talk about how they suffered from PPD and the effect it had on their lives.http://ppandb.blogspot.com/

11. Postpartum Progress: This is a great blog that talks about depression during and after pregnancy. It also talks about what women can do to avoid this depression or best cope with it. There is a question and answer section as well as great insight from many who have gone through the same experiences.http://postpartumprogress.typepad.com/

12. The Postpartum Stress Center: This is another great blog that talks about prenatal and postpartum depression, both from a mother’s and doctor’s perspective. The website also features links with more information.

13. Perinatal Pro: Susan Dowd Stone is the author of this blog. Here you’ll find information on depression and how new mothers can overcome it.

14. Postpartum Depression Recovery: Dr. Shoshana Bennett talks about what mothers and fathers can do when dealing with depression after having a baby. It also helps guide parents through the first few months of having a child.

15. Out of the Valley Ministries: This blog showcases a variety of different opinions on postpartum depression as well what it means from a Christian point of view. http://www.christianppdsupport.org/

16. PPD in Paradise: Diane Ashton is a member of Postpartum Support International. She talks about what women can do to overcome it on their own as well as having links to other resources such as weekly support groups.http://ppdinparadise.wordpress.com/

17. Unexpected Blessing: This blog is a personal account of one woman’s pregnancies and how she dealt with her postpartum depression after each occasion.

18. Jane’s Story: Another woman who dealt with postpartum depression and is sharing her viewpoints and insight to other mothers. http://www.janehonikman.com/janesstory.html

19. A Deeper Shade of Blue: Ruta Nonacas is a doctor who talks about postpartum depression from a medical point of view and the effect it can have both upon the mother and the child unless it is dealt with properly.http://rutanonacs.com/blog21/

20. Ivy’s PPD Blog: Ivy talks about the medications and treatments that best helped her deal with her postpartum depression and what other mothers can do as well.

21. Postpartum Men: This blog is geared towards men who may suffer from PPD or whose wives/loved ones suffer and how they can all best cope. http://www.postpartummen.com/

22. Postpartum Dads Project: Personal stories about dads who suffered through PPD or had a loved one who suffered through it. Aimed at helping others going through the same thing. http://postpartumdadsproject.org/

23. Postpartum Dads: Great stories with information on PPD and what past sufferers did to overcome and deal with it.http://www.postpartumdads.org/

24. The Father Life: This is in a magazine style blog filled with interviews and other blogs written by dads for dads who may suffer from PPD or know someone who does.

25. Dad Blogs: Community of dad bloggers who talk about having new babies, the depression that may ensue, and how they handle everything. http://www.dad-blogs.com/

26. The Online PPD Support Group: Another great support group where blogs, newsletters and other information are given to help people deal with PPD.

27. Postpartum Support International: Links to support groups in your area and other information that can help deal with PPD. http://postpartum.net/

28. Pacific Post Partum Support Society: Canadian support group run by mothers for mothers, however information can be accessed by anyone online. http://www.postpartum.org/

29. Mama2Mama: Great peer network where you can find support groups, one-on-one sessions, blogs and other information regarding PPD and helping new mothers.

30. The Association for Post-Natal Illness: This is a UK-based website for those who suffer from post-natal depression. Has blogs and links to other sources.http://apni.org/

31. Baby Blues Connection: Nola Cross and Wendy Davis, a PPD survivor and a doctor teamed up to form this support group for others suffering from PPD. Offers support and guidance for new mothers as well as blogs on various cases and situations.

32. Depression After Delivery: This website is more medically-oriented, helping readers realize when they are suffering from PPD and the ways that they can get help and treatment. http://depressionafterdelivery.com/

33. Mother Risk: Support from mothers to other mothers on any topic from pregnancy to breast-feeding to dealing with PPD.http://www.motherisk.org/women/index.jsp

34. Depression Forums: This is a forum that deals with depression and has various topics depending upon the kind of depression. People share opinions and others offer advice and ways to deal with the situation.http://depressionforums.org/

35. Psycom.net: Dr. Ivan runs this website and its purpose is to help people deal with depression. Various mental health resources and support tips as well as links to other helpful websites.http://www.psycom.net/depression.central.post-partum.html

36.MedEd: Mental health tips and the telltale signs of PPD. Has a Spanish version as well.

37. Psych Central: Blogs regarding various forms of depression and those who suffer from it. It also has links to other websites and excellent information.http://psychcentral.com/

38. Mental Health Ministries: How to deal with PPD; support groups as well as religious advice is given on this website. Has many resources and links to other websites as well.

39. McMan’s Depression and Bipolar Web: John McManamy talks about his own experiences of depression and bipolar disorder. Talks about various forms of depression and what can be done to manage them.http://www.mcmanweb.com/

40. Depnet: Great website for those who suffer from depression to share their stories and attempt to mutually help each other in dealing with their life situations.

41. Depression Tribe: This is a great community where you get support for those suffering from depression. Read the blogs and get advice or even participate in discussions via the forums. http://www.depressiontribe.com/

42. Helia Depression Community: Community that deals with depression and the various forms of it. It features latest news on depression as well as a blog with many writers sharing their expert analysis and opinions.

43. Earth Mama Angel Baby: This website deals with products that are specially tailored towards those who suffer from PPD in a bid to lift their spirits.

44. Baby Shrink: Dr. Heather has a podcast where she talks about PPD and how mothers can overcome it in order to have a great family life and keep their children safe.

45. WellTellMe Forum: Health forum that deals with pregnancy related issues such as miscarriage, abortion, and PPD.

46. Do You Have PPD?: This is a simple website with a quiz that enables one to discover whether or not they may be suffering from PPD. http://www.angelfire.com/moon2/jkluchar1995/Docs/Self_Assmt_After_Difficult_Birth.pdf

47. PTSD After Childbirth Blog: Blog talks about common misconceptions related to PPD and how people can be more aware of it and can control its occurrence as well.http://www.angelfire.com/moon2/jkluchar1995/blog/

48. A Picture of Postpartum Depression: This is a great collection of articles about PPD and how to deal with it or how to detect it. There are even informational videos on the website.

49. PPD Support: For those who suffer from PPD this is a great resource where you can sign up for a Twitter information feed as well as listen to expert podcasts.

50. Healthline: This site has a section on depression which talks about not just PPD but other forms of depression and offers advice from both a health and human perspective.

Suffering from PPD is not something to be scoffed at. Many mothers think that it will not happen to them and that when their baby comes nothing will change with them psychologically or emotionally. However, this depression can hit very suddenly and without warning. Thus reading about it and being prepared are some of the best things one can do.

If you or someone you know is suffering from it, then these are also great resources where others can share their perspectives and what they did to help deal with PPD.

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